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The EuroForest Portal news service covers items of direct interest to the forest and forest products sector, and also items of more general environmental interest. The geographic scope for news items is generally the European (or sub-region of Europe) level, but items of global, national and sub-national interest may also be noticed. In general, announcements of events are not noticed (exceptions are made for events of international importance).

GFIS - Global Forest Information Service. GFIS is a collaborative initiative that allows sharing of forest-related information through a single gateway. The information resources accessible through GFIS are freely available, and provide direct access to the original information.

EFI press releases - News items about European forest research related issues and about EFI activities.

EFI events calendar - Information on upcoming and past events of EFI and other organisations, and links to other forest-related event calendars.

New portrait of Earth shows land cover as never before
Mar 18, 2008

A new global portrait taken from space details Earth's land cover with a resolution never before obtained. The European Space Agency (ESA), in partnership with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), presented the preliminary version of the map to scientists at the 2nd GlobCover User Consultation workshop (March 2007) held in Rome, Italy.

OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030
Mar 05, 2008
The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 was published on March 5, 2008. The Outlook provides analyses of economic and environmental trends to 2030, and simulations of policy actions to address the key challenges. The Outlook shows that tackling the key environmental problems facing societies today (including climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity and the health impacts of pollution) is both achievable and affordable. The report highlights a mix of policies that can address the challenges in a cost-effective way. The focus of this Outlook is expanded from the 2001 edition to reflect developments in both OECD countries and Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa, and how they might better co-operate on global and local environmental problem-solving.,3343,en_2649_201185_39676628_1_1_1_1,00.html


Building a global low-carbon economy
Jan 31, 2008

On 23 January 2008, the European Commission proposed a package of legislative proposals, putting into action the energy and climate ambitions of the European Union. The proposed measures include: an improved emissions trading system (ETS) covering more emissions and allowing firms in one EU country to buy allowances in any other; an emission reduction target for industries not covered by the ETS (e.g. buildings, transport, waste) so that everyone is contributing; legally enforceable targets for increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix - the targets will reflect each country's individual needs and its potential; new rules on carbon capture and storage and on environmental subsidies.

Adoption of non-legally binding instrument on forests
Jan 31, 2008

The resolution (A/RES/62/98) on a non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests was adopted at the sixty-second session of the United Nations General Assembly (17 December 2007). The resolution was issued on 31 January 2008. The purpose of the instrument is to: (1) strengthen political commitment and action at all levels to implement effectively sustainable management of all types of forests and to achieve the shared global objectives on forests; (2) enhance the contribution of forests to the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals, in particular with respect to poverty eradication and environmental sustainability; (3) provide a framework for national action and international cooperation.

UN General Assembly 62nd Session Resolutions

Web site launched for COST Action FP0603 (Forest models)
Jan 03, 2008

The website for COST Action FP0603 - 'Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management' was launched on 3 January 2008.  

Study of the effects of globalization on the economic viability of EU forestry
Dec 31, 2007

The aim of the study goal was to analyze the effects of globalization-defined as the integration of economic activities, primarily via markets-on the economic viability and global competitiveness of the European Union (EU) forest sector, in particular forestry. It covers the entire EU, including the accession and the western Balkans countries, from the present to 2030. It also includes a (limited) review of cultural, social, and political globalization. The study consists of a literature review, an appraisal of the main globalization factors and related indicators, and analytical work using formalized computer models. This study was financed by the European Commission, and was carried out by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The report was published in December 2007.

Transfer of the MCPFE Liaison Unit from Warsaw to Oslo
Dec 28, 2007

The MCPFE chairmanship and the Liaison Unit have moved from Poland to Norway. The new team of the Liaison Unit will start operating from Oslo at the beginning of 2008. The MCPFE website will be maintained by the Liaison Unit Oslo and the website address: will remain unchanged.

EU survey on attitudes of Europeans towards the issue of biodiversity
Dec 28, 2007

A Flash Eurobarometer survey on the Attitudes towards biodiversity (No 219), requested by DG Environment, asked EU citizens to clarify how familiar they were with the term biodiversity and with the concept of biodiversity loss. The survey also dealt with the following aspects relating to biodiversity loss: (1) The level to which EU citizens feel informed about biodiversity issues; (2) The preferred information sources for learning more about biodiversity loss; (3) Opinions about the major causes of biodiversity loss; (4) The perceived seriousness of biodiversity loss at both domestic and global levels; (5) The expected impact of biodiversity loss; (6) Opinions on why it is important to stop biodiversity loss; (7) Personal efforts being taken to preserve biodiversity; Awareness of the Natura 2000 network. The fieldwork was carried out in November and the report was published in December 2007. Over 25,000 randomly selected citizens, aged 15 years and above, were interviewed in the 27 EU Member States.

Flash Eurobarometer 219

EUROFOREST Portal launched!
Oct 01, 2007

EUROFOREST Portal, a free and non-commercial service for forest and forestry information users, has been launched. The portal meets demands for better access to information on European forests and forestry in a user-friendly form. The portal contains a news section and a metadatabase of web resources – web pages of organisations, networks, information providers, databases, and selected major reports.

Metadata allows information users to find and evaluate the resources: the user will get an overview of how far a particular information resource will be of use for further investigation. Resources from all European languages are potentially described, but the metadata is in English.

Users visiting the portal website may find information resources in a number of ways. The first option is to browse through the topic structure that categorizes the resources. The second option is to browse through the information by country. In this section, the portal shows direct links to the most useful external sources of information by countries. The third option is to use the simple or advanced search tools to find resources that match criteria defined by the searcher.

The portal also offers a technical platform to establish new ‘local forest portals’ for sharing information for specific regions. In this context, the portal shows North Karelia, Finland, as an example.

European Forest Institute (EFI), in co-operation with Silva Network / University of Joensuu, have launched the portal and it was financed by the North Karelia Regional Council, the City of Joensuu and EFI. The service is maintained by EFI.

We invite you to explore this new service, and we welcome your feedback!

EFI press release

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