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European Commission's new climate & energy targets for 2030
Feb 13, 2014

The European Commission presented the 2030 policy framework for climate and energy on 22 January 2014. It aims to make the European Union's economy and energy system more competitive, secure and sustainable and proposes to:

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%
- Increase the share of renewable energy to at least 27%
- Make continued improvements in energy efficiency
- Reform the EU emissions trading system
- Establish a set of key indicators to assess progress and obtain a competitive, affordable and secure energy
- Establish a new governance system

The framework includes a report on energy prices and costs which assesses the key drivers and compares EU prices with those of its main trading partners.

The 2030 policy framework for climate and energy seeks to drive continued progress towards a low-carbon economy. It aims to build a competitive and secure energy system that ensures affordable energy for all consumers, increases the security of the EU's energy supplies, reduces our dependence on energy imports and creates new opportunities for growth and jobs.

As next steps, the Commission invites the Council and the European Parliament to endorse its approach and the EU-level greenhouse gas and renewables targets. The European Council is expected to consider the framework at its spring meeting on 20-21 March 2014.

Relevant documentation

More information on the official website of the Directorate-General Climate Action of the European Commission