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EEA new report: “Spatial analysis of green infrastructure in Europe”
Mar 11, 2014

coverphoto_reportThe European Environment Agency (EEA) has engaged in GI research in order to support policymaking agents and the public.

The objective of the current report is to propose, develop and test a theoretical framework for the identification and mapping of Green Infrastructure (GI) elements at landscape level, taking into consideration their multifunctional character and the potential of ecosystem services' supply. The proposed methodology will help policymakers and practitioners define a landscape GI network to identify areas where key habitats can be reconnected and the overall ecological quality of the area improved. It provides a useful starting point for identifying priority areas for conservation and potential restoration.

The study maps a network of natural and semi-natural spaces and other environmental features in Europe with a good capacity to deliver 'ecosystem services', like air filtration, erosion protection, regulating water flow, coastal protection, pollination, maintaining soil structure, water purification, and carbon storage. The report also identifies key habitats for large forest-dwelling mammals and the analysis of connectivity among them.

This experimental methodology, applicable at different scales, indicates that healthy areas of green infrastructure cover approximately a quarter of Europe's land.

EEA report

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