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The European Forest Information Portal (EUROFOREST) is a free, non-commercial service providing information for forest information users. The portal aims to meet demands for better access to current information on European forests and forestry in an easily accessible and user-friendly form. It represents a web-based entry point into pan-European forest information in the selected topics. The service was launched on October 1st, 2007.

The portal is the result of a project financed by the North Karelia Regional Council, the City of Joensuu and EFI. The portal service is maintained by EFI.

Types of information
•    web pages (home pages of organisations/networks/journals/ etc. selected pages from elsewhere);
•    databases (bibliographic, non-bibliograpic, images) available via web – freely available and paid access;
•    selected reports available via web / other major reports available;
•    news.
Not included
•    individual papers (it isn’t a bibliographic database);
•    jobs, events.

Geographical coverage
•    Europe (broad sense including Russian Federation);
•    Other (where resources are of broader interest).

•    forest resources, forest education, trade, etc.;
•    other resources (other portals).

•    the language of the original information resources may be any European language; however, the metadata description in the portal is in English.

Resource quality
•    is the resource relevant (with regard to Forestry/Europe)? is it accurate? is it comprehensive?


•    European Forest Institute (EFI);
•    Silva Network / University of Joensuu.


Special thanks go to the North Karelia Regional Council and City of Joensuu, Finland. The project team is also thankful to the Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research (FOPER) project and North Karelia Forestry Center for useful materials. The portal team also want to thank the following companies for their co-operation: Ambientia Oy (visual design of the portal), Kesla Oy, and StoraEnso Oyj.

The portal has had contributions of time, knowledge, writing and editing from numerous people, including past and present staff and trainees of the EFI. The project would especially like to thank the following persons for their support, expertise and hard work:


Lauri Vesa

Tim Green

Pauliina Karvinen

Anne Handley


Caroline Narayan

Vadim Kostuyevich

Edward Clark

Heikki Hukkanen


Simo Varis

Sergey Zudin

Elena Zudina

Giuliana Zanchi 


 Feza Balgamis-Turkia




Riitta Myller

Paavo Pelkonen

Pekka Huovinen

Tuire Lehikoinen


Pekka T. Rajala

Ilpo Tikkanen

Sami Honkanen



 Risto Päivinen

 Andreas Schuck



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