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Caroline Narayan, 2007
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135 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  2. Biodiversity Information System for Europe (BISE)
  3. Biomass: green energy for Europe
  4. Birds Directive - Directive 2009/147/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on the conservation of wild birds
  5. Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork
    • Beirat für Forstwirtschaft und Kork; Groupe consultatif 'Forêts, y inclus liège'
  6. Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)
    • Confédération Européenne des Propriétaires Forestiers
  7. Corine land cover 2000 (CLC2000) seamless vector database
  8. COST Action 1306. Valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass side streams for sustainable production of chemicals, materials & fuels using low environmental impact technologies (LIGNOVAL)
  9. COST Action 1406. Pine pitch canker - strategies for management of Gibberella circinata in greenhouses and forests (PINESTRENGTH)
  10. COST Action 639. Greenhouse-gas budget of soils under changing climate and land use
  11. COST Action 725. Establishing a European Phenological Data Platform for Climatological Applications
  12. COST Action E19. National Forest Programmes in a European Context
  13. COST Action E29. Innovative timber and composite elements for buildings
  14. COST Action E31. Management of recovered wood
  15. COST Action E32. Characterisation of paper surfaces for improved printing paper grades
  16. COST Action E42. Growing valuable broadleaved tree species
  17. COST Action E43. Harmonisation of National Forest Inventories in Europe: Techniques for Common Reporting
  18. COST Action E50. Cell wall macromolecules and reaction wood (CEMARE)
  19. COST Action E51. Integrating innovation and development policies for the forest sector
  20. COST Action E53. Quality control for wood and wood products
  21. COST Action E55. Modelling of the performance of timber structures
  22. COST Action FP0603. Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management
  23. COST Action FP0701. Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe
  24. COST Action FP0703. Expected Climate Change and Options for European Silviculture (ECHOES)
  25. COST Action FP0802. Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterisation Techniques in Wood Mechanics
  26. COST Action FP0803. Belowground carbon turnover in European forests
  27. COST Action FP0804. Forest Management Decision Support Systems (FORSYS)
  28. COST Action FP0901. Analytical Techniques Biorefinery
  29. COST Action FP0903. Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a Polluted Environment (MAFor)
  30. COST Action FP0904. Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing
  31. COST Action FP0905. Biosafety of forest transgenic trees
  32. COST Action FP1001. Improving Data and Information on the Potential Supply of Wood Resources: A European Approach from Multisource National Forest Inventories (USEWOOD)
  33. COST Action FP1002. Pathway Evaluation and pest Risk Management In Transport (PERMIT)
  34. COST Action FP1006. Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification
  35. COST Action FP1101. Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures
  36. COST Action FP1102. Determining Invasiveness And Risk Of Dothistroma (DIAROD)
  37. COST Action FP1106. STReESS – Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS
  38. COST Action FP1201. Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management And Policy (FACESMAP)
  39. COST Action FP1202. Strengthening conservation: a key issue for adaptation of marginal/peripheral populations of forest trees to climate change in Europe (MaP-FGR)
  40. COST Action FP1203. European non-wood forest products (NWFPs) network
  41. COST Action FP1204. Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests - GreenInUrbs
  42. COST Action FP1205. Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres
  43. COST Action FP1206. European mixed forests - Integrating Scientific Knowledge in Sustainable Forest Management (EuMIXFOR)
  44. COST Action FP1207. Orchestrating forest-related policy analysis in Europe (ORCHESTRA)
  45. COST Action FP1301. Innovative management and multifunctional utilization of traditional coppice forests - an answer to future ecological, economic and social challenges in the European forestry secto
  46. COST Action FP1302. WoodMusICK - WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge
  47. COST Action FP1303. Performance of Biobased building materials
  48. COST Action FP1304. Towards robust projections of European forests under climate change (PROFOUND)
  49. COST Action FP1305. Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests - BioLink
  50. COST Action FP1401. A Global Network of Nurseries as Early Warning System Against Alien Tree Pests
  51. COST Action FP1402. Basis of Structural Timber Design - from research to standards
  52. COST Action FP1403. Non-native Tree Species for European Forests
  53. COST Action FP1404. Fire safe use of bio-based building products
  54. COST Action FP1405. Active and intelligent (fibre-based) packaging (ActInPak)
  55. COST Action FP1407. Understanding wood modification through an integrated scientific and environmental impact approach (ModWoodLife)
  56. COST Strategic Workshop Series "COST Foresight 2030"
  57. COST Targeted Network 1401. Capacity Building in Forest Policy and Governance in Western Balkan Region - CAPABAL
  58. Council Directive 1999/105/EC of 22 December 1999 on the marketing of forest reproductive material
  59. DG Agriculture and Rural Development - Economic analysis and market forecasts
  60. DG DEVCO - Sustainable Forestry
  61. Directive on the protection of the environment through criminal law
  62. EC - Energy - Renewable Energy - Biomass
  63. EC DG Agriculture and Rural Development
  64. EC DG Environment
  65. EC Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG-CLIMA)
  66. Eduforest
  67. EFDAC - European Forest Data Center
  69. ENDS Europe - Europe's Environmental News Service
  70. Erasmus Mundus
  71. EU Biodiversity Action Plan
  72. EU FLEGT Facility
  73. EU Forest Action Plan
    • EU-Forstaktionsplan; Plan d'action de l'UE pour la gestion durable des forêts
  74. Euphresco
  75. EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion
  76. Europe's Energy Portal
  77. European Biofuels Technology Platform
  78. European Biomass Association (AEBIOM)
  79. European Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEI-Bois)
  80. European Environment Agency (EEA)
  81. European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET)
  82. European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
  83. European Flood Awareness System
  84. European Foresight
  85. European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)
  86. European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
  87. European Landowners' Organization (ELO)
  88. European Mammal Assessment Database
  89. European Nature Information System (EUNIS)
  90. European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS)
  91. European Red List
  92. European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC)
  93. European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC-BD)
  94. European Topic Centre on Urban, Land and Soil Ecosystems (ETC-ULS)
  95. European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL)
    • IMPEL Network
  96. European University Association (EUA)
  97. Eurostat - Forestry
  98. Eurydice
  99. EUSTAFOR - European State Forest Association
  100. EVOLTREE - Evolution of trees as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity
  101. Failing the forests - Europe's illegal timber trade
  102. Fauna Europaea
  103. FERN
  104. Foresight Process - Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR)
  105. Forest Action - JRC
  106. Forest Energy Portal
  107. Forest Europe - Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe
  108. Forest Fires Related EU Legislation
  109. Forest Focus (2003-2006)
  110. Forests, their Products and Services (FPS) - COST
  111. Futmon - Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System
  112. General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (GEMET)
  113. GISCO - Geographic Information System of the European Commission
  114. Grundtvig programme
  115. Habitats Directive - Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora (Consolidated version 1.1.2007)
  116. Joint Research Centre (JRC)
  117. Justice and Environment (J&E)
  118. Land Use/Cover Area frame statistical Survey (LUCAS)
  119. Leonardo da Vinci Programme
  120. LIFE
  121. National Report to the Fifth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests. Republic of Croatia
  122. Natura 2000 EUNIS Database
  123. Plant Reproductive Material [European Union]
  124. Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space (PLOTEUS)
  125. Production of wood and forest industry products in EU-25
  126. Pulp and Paper Industry
  127. Reporting Obligations Database (ROD)
  128. Scenar 2020-II – Update of scenario study on agriculture and the rural world
  129. Standing Forestry Committee
    • Ständiger Forstausschuss; Comité permanent forestier
  130. Temporary Committee on Climate Change
  131. The European environment - state and outlook (SOER)
  132. The new EU Forest Strategy
  133. ThinkForest - A European high-level forum on the future of forests
  134. Water Framework Directive
  135. Where to find forest data. A Pan-European overview of international institutions and networks for data collection, storage and reporting related to sustainable forest management in 2003