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Caroline Narayan, 2007
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135 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. COST Action E55. Modelling of the performance of timber structures
  2. COST Action FP0603. Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management
  3. COST Action FP0701. Post-Fire Forest Management in Southern Europe
  4. COST Action FP0703. Expected Climate Change and Options for European Silviculture (ECHOES)
  5. COST Action FP0802. Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterisation Techniques in Wood Mechanics
  6. COST Action FP0803. Belowground carbon turnover in European forests
  7. COST Action FP0804. Forest Management Decision Support Systems (FORSYS)
  8. COST Action FP0901. Analytical Techniques Biorefinery
  9. COST Action FP0903. Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a Polluted Environment (MAFor)
  10. COST Action FP0904. Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing
  11. COST Action FP0905. Biosafety of forest transgenic trees
  12. COST Action FP1001. Improving Data and Information on the Potential Supply of Wood Resources: A European Approach from Multisource National Forest Inventories (USEWOOD)
  13. COST Action FP1002. Pathway Evaluation and pest Risk Management In Transport (PERMIT)
  14. COST Action FP1006. Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification
  15. COST Action FP1101. Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures
  16. COST Action FP1102. Determining Invasiveness And Risk Of Dothistroma (DIAROD)
  17. COST Action FP1106. STReESS – Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS
  18. COST Action FP1201. Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management And Policy (FACESMAP)
  19. COST Action FP1202. Strengthening conservation: a key issue for adaptation of marginal/peripheral populations of forest trees to climate change in Europe (MaP-FGR)
  20. COST Action FP1203. European non-wood forest products (NWFPs) network

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