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Forest resources

Stora Enso

The term "forest resources" emphasises here the usefulness of forests for people. The information under this topic represents the amount, location, condition and availability of forests, changes occuring in the course of time and methods of assessment. The term "forest resources" also includes not only trees, but a variety of other natural resources such as fruits, shrubs, herbs, grasses and animals.

Europe is a diverse continent by nature, climate, geography, and culture. More than 80% of Europe was once covered by forest. Over the centuries, over half of Europe's original forests disappeared due to deforestation. Europe still has over 30% of its land area as forest.

The descriptions of forest resources are published in diverse forms (e.g. country reports, statistics, databases and maps). In this portal there are some relevant connections to primary forest resource information sources in Europe and globally. FAO is one of the main organisations publishing country level forest data, but more specific data can be obtained through web sites provided by European, national and non-governmental organisations.

5 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF)
    • Partenariat de collaboration sur les forêts; Asociación de Colaboración en materia de Bosques
  2. European Forest Institute (EFI)
  3. Forests, their Products and Services (FPS) - COST
  4. Orman Varlığı
    • Forest Wealth [Turkey]
  5. Where to find forest data. A Pan-European overview of international institutions and networks for data collection, storage and reporting related to sustainable forest management in 2003