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Protected Forests

Caroline Narayan

Protected forests are areas of special environmental, scientific, cultural or other importance. Protected forest areas aim either to conserve forest biological diversity, i.e. the diversity of genes and species in forests and the diversity of forest ecosystems, or to protect landscapes.

Protected forests amount to about 12% of the total forest area in Europe. Of these, 85% are designated to conserve forest biodiversity, while 15% are designated to protect landscapes. Altogether, Europe's protected forest areas cover about 127 million hectares.


29 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. PROF - Planos Regionais de Ordenamento Florestal
    • PROF - Regional Forest Plans [Portugal]
  3. Réserves Naturelles de France (RNF)
    • Natural Reserves of France
  4. Srbijašume
    • Srbijašume - State Enterprise for Forest Management [Serbia]
  5. Vides aizsardzības un reģionālās attīstības ministrija
    • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
  6. Wetlands International
  7. Министерства природных ресурсов и охраны окружающей среды Республики Беларусь
    • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus
  8. Особо охраняемые природные территории Российской Федерации
    • Protected Areas of the Russian Federation
  9. Федеральный закон об особо охраняемых природных территориях
    • Federal Law about Protected Nature Areas [Russia]

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