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Genetic resources


In the same way that the term “forest resources” refers to the usefulness of the forests for the production of timber or other products for human benefit, the term “genetic resources” implies that elements of the genetic variability of the trees and other plants and animals will be used to meet human needs and objectives. The benefits from the genetic resources are essential for future development; and for the continued adaptation of the resources to changing environmental conditions and human needs. An important source of genetic resources are the natural forests, and their diversity.

33 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Biuro Nasiennictwa Leśnego
    • Forest Reproductive Material Office [Poland]
  2. British & Irish Hardwoods Trust
  3. British Ash Tree Genome Project
  4. Bundesamt für Wald (BFW)
    • Bundesforschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für Wald, Naturgefahren und Landschaft; Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape; Federal Forest Office
  5. Bundesinformationssystem Genetische Ressourcen (BIG)
    • Federal Information System on Genetic Resources
  6. Conifer Genome Network
  7. COST Action FP0905. Biosafety of forest transgenic trees
  8. COST Action FP1202. Strengthening conservation: a key issue for adaptation of marginal/peripheral populations of forest trees to climate change in Europe (MaP-FGR)
  9. Council Directive 1999/105/EC of 22 December 1999 on the marketing of forest reproductive material
  10. Dendrome Project
  11. EUFGIS portal
  13. European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
  14. European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN)
  15. EVOLTREE - Evolution of trees as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity
  16. FGRDEU Online - Bestände forstlicher genetischer Ressourcen in Deutschland
    • FGRDEU Online - Forest genetic resources collections in Germany
  17. Forest genetic resources (FGR) [FAO]
    • Ressources génétiques forestières; Recursos genéticos forestales
  18. GENET - European NGO Network on Genetic Engineering
  19. GENFORED - La red nacional de ensayos genéticos forestales
    • GENFORED - National network of forest genetic trials [Spain]
  20. Informationssystem Genetische Ressourcen (GENRES)
    • Genetic Resources Information System (GENRES)
  21. Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA)
    • National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) [France]
  22. L'Or Vert
    • Green Gold
  23. Leśny Bank Genów
    • Forest Gene Bank
  24. Lietuvos miško genetiniai ištekliai
    • Lithuanian Forest Genetic Resources
  25. Metsänviljely - Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto Evira
    • Forest Reproductive Material - Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira)
  26. Nordic Centre of Advanced Research in Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding - GENECAR
  27. Norsk Institutt for Bioøkonomi (NIBIO)
    • Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research
  28. Növényi Génbank Tanács Erdészeti Munkabizottsága
    • Forestry Commission of the Hungarian Council of Plant Gene Resources
  29. Orman Ağaçları ve Tohumları Islah Araştırma Müdürlüğü
    • Forest Tree Seeds and Tree Breeding Research Directorate, Turkey
  30. Plant Reproductive Material [European Union]
  31. PoplarDB
  32. Silvae Genetica
  33. Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI)
    • Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije