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Information and communication

Informational instruments are all those political means of intervention which formally influence social and economic action through information alone.

By relaying information, forest policy-makers can make direct contact with all the stakeholders concerned, including the general public, forestry enterprises, employees and associations. Information is the basic and most common political instrument for regulating human action.

Information can also result in public awareness. A stakeholder can thus gain a broader basis for decision-making, which improves his or her capacity to take proper action. However, information can also be used to exercise power, thus rendering a stakeholder dependent.

In forest policy practice, informational instruments are usually employed for the purpose of achieving public awareness as well as power. In democratic systems, the stakeholders formally emphasize that public awareness is generated by their instruments of information.

In forest policy, informational instruments can also include advisory and extension services and the educational factors, such as continued forestry training and forest education.

Source: Krott, M. 2005. Forest Policy Analysis. Springer, Dordrecht.

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