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Educational institutions

Caroline Narayan
Educational institutions that provide forestry-related education can roughly be categorised as vocational institutions or higher educational institutions. Vocational institutions specialise in providing practical training and typically, vocational forestry-related education prepares students for a certain profession, such as forest worker, forest machine operator or paper machine operator.

Higher education is usually provided at universities and universities of applied sciences. Both of them issue degree certificates such as Bachelor of Science or Master of Science or equivalent. University level studies are science-oriented and provide students with theoretical approaches to forestry and forest science. Universities of applied sciences tend to provide a more problem-oriented approach to forestry than the universities. However, also graduates from universities of applied sciences can often continue their studies all the way to Doctoral level.

In addition to providing education, universities and universities of applied sciences usually carry out forestry-related research. Universities tend to focus on basic research, whereas universities of applied sciences are more inclined to carry out problem-oriented research.

This part of the portal contains information in educational institutions that provide forestry-related education in Europe.

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  1. Afdeling Bos, Natuur en Landschap - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Leuven
    • Division of Forest, Nature and Landscape - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven