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Non-degree studies

Jan Samanek
Non-degree study programmes are targeted for exchange students and students who want to take courses without seeking a degree certificate. Usually non-degree studies are intended for students who wish to complement their studies by completing a part of their degree abroad. Non-degree programmes may last up to one year, and completion does not entitle the student to a degree certificate.

Opportunities to carry out non-degree studies or take short courses in the field of forestry in the English language are listed on this page. In addition to non-degree study programmes, educational institutions may offer exchange students a variety of individual courses that are taught in English.

10 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  2. CarboSchools
  3. Environmental Science and Forestry
    • University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  4. Forestry Training - Teagasc
  5. GHG Management Institute
  6. Metsäopetus
    • Forest education [Finland]
  7. PuMe II projekti
    • Forest growth simulator
  8. Säker Skog
    • Sweden
  9. Teagasc - Forestry Development Department
    • Ireland
  10. UNECE Timber Committee - Forest products marketing distance learning