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Student and teacher exchange

Javier Arevalo
Student and teacher exchange programmes have expanded rapidly in Europe ever since launching the European Union's most popular exchange programme Erasmus in 1987. Currently, there is a myriad of exchange programmes within Europe, and between Europe and the other continents.

Student exchange can be organised as a free-mover or through an exchange programme. Participating in an exchange programme is by far the more popular alternative, tuition fees are often less and scholarships may be available. Opportunities for teacher exchange can also be found through established channels, but often teacher exchange is based on personal relationships and bilateral agreements.

This part of the portal provides information on well-established exchange programmes within Europe, and to/from Europe and other continents. Additionally, information can be found on national structures that promote and fund student and teacher mobility.

21 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Center za mobilnost in evropske programe izobraževanja in usposabljanja (CMEPIUS)
    • Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes
  2. Deutscher Academischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)
    • German Academic Exchange Service
  3. Erasmus Mundus
  4. Erasmus [British Council]
  5. EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion
  6. Fulbright
  7. Grundtvig programme
  8. Higher Education Authority [Ireland]
    • An tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas
  9. International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP)
  10. Kansainvälisen henkilövaihdon keskus (CIMO)
    • Centre for International Mobility (CIMO)
  11. Leonardo da Vinci Programme
  12. Nederlandse Organisatie voor Internationale Samenwerking in Het Hoger Onderwijs (Nuffic)
    • Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education
  13. Österreichische Austauschdienst (ÖAD)
    • Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD)
  14. Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space (PLOTEUS)
  15. Sihtasutus Archimedes
    • Archimedes Foundation
  16. SmartEstonia
  17. Study in Europe
  18. Study in Finland
    • discover Finland
  19. Study in Sweden
  20. Tempus Közalapítvány
    • Tempus Public Foundation
  21. Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad Secretariaat Voor Universitaire Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (VLIR-UOS)
    • VLIR University Development Cooperation