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Wood properties


Wood is unique as a material. Its once-living cellular structure provides strength, pliability, absorption, durability, insulation and aesthetic qualities that are difficult to match. Not to mention its properties as a fuel, and as a source of pulp and chemicals.

The properties of timber as a building material are possibly the most significant, and consequently much research is devoted to this. In many cases, timber is studied as part of building technology in general, and many pages of architects' journals are dedicated to its use. But there are still institutes and universities across Europe specialised in studying the unique nature of wood.

The resources in this section cover the whole field of wood properties, and more specific properties are dealt with in Anatomy, Chemistry, etc.

9 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

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    • Wood Processing Journal [Serbia]
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  3. COST Action FP1302. WoodMusICK - WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge
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    • Wood Industry - Scientific and Professional Journal of Wood Technology
  6. Institute for Building Materials
    • Institut für Baustoffe
  7. International Academy of Wood Science - IAWS
    • Timber Focus
  9. Oxford Plant Systematics - Xylarium (FHOw)
    • Oxford University Herbaria - Xylarium