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Utilization of wood and wood products


Although the major industry utilizing wood is probably construction, this versatile material has been used for a multitude of purposes, both structural and decorative. These include buildings, bridges, boats, fences, cooperage, containers, pallets, domestic ware, sports equipment, furniture, toys, musical instruments, carved ornaments, and use in vehicles.

This section includes resources concerned with increasing the use of wood and wood products, competitiveness with other materials, re-using (recycling) wood, as well as some lesser-known uses, such as products made from coppice.

34 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Belgian WOODFORUM
  2. Berner Fachhochschule - Architektur, Holz und Bau
    • Bern University of Applied Sciences - Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering; Haute école spécialisée bernoise - Architecture, bois et génie civil
  3. Centro ricerche-sviluppo e laboratorio di prove settore legno-arredo (CATAS)
    • Research and Development Centre and Field Test Laboratory for Wood and Furniture
  4. Coppice products
  5. COST Action 1306. Valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass side streams for sustainable production of chemicals, materials & fuels using low environmental impact technologies (LIGNOVAL)
  6. COST Action E29. Innovative timber and composite elements for buildings
  7. COST Action E31. Management of recovered wood
  8. COST Action E55. Modelling of the performance of timber structures
  9. COST Action FP1006. Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification
  10. COST Action FP1302. WoodMusICK - WOODen MUSical Instrument Conservation and Knowledge
  11. COST Action FP1402. Basis of Structural Timber Design - from research to standards
  12. COST Action FP1404. Fire safe use of bio-based building products
  13. COST Action FP1407. Understanding wood modification through an integrated scientific and environmental impact approach (ModWoodLife)
  14. Dom Drewniany
    • Wooden House Association (Poland)
  15. Drvna industrija - Znanstveno stručni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije
    • Wood Industry - Scientific and Professional Journal of Wood Technology
  16. European Furniture Industries Confederation - EFIC
  17. Fraunhofer-Institut für Holzforschung - Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI)
    • Fraunhofer-Institute for Wood Research - Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute (WKI)
  19. HTL Hallein - Holzbautechnik und Zimmerei
    • High Tech Learning (HTL) Hallein - Timber buildings and woodworking
  20. ICOMOS International Wood Committee (IIWC)
  21. Institute for Building Materials
    • Institut für Baustoffe
  22. Institute for Sustainable Construction
  23. Istituto per i Sistemi Agricoli e Forestali del Mediterraneo (ISAFOM)
    • Institute for Mediterranean agriculture and forest systems
  24. Latvijas Valsts koksnes ķīmijas institūts (KĶI)
    • Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (IWC)
    • Timber Focus
  26. MHC Möbel und Holzbau Cluster
    • Wood and Furniture Cluster
  27. Netzwerk-Holz
    • Wood Network
  28. Puuinfo
  29. Senkron
  30. Timber Trades Journal Online
  31. TU Graz - Institut für Holzbau und Holztechnologie
    • Graz University of Technology - Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology
  32. Wood for Good
  33. Wood Recyclers' Association