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Sawmilling and drying


Sawmilling is the industrial process of sawing timber into planks or boards. In most countries it is the major sector in the forest products industries. Many countries have sawmilling associations that represent the interests of their members in the sawmilling trade.

Drying is the process of removing moisture from wood to improve its serviceability. The term seasoning is often used to refer to drying in the atmosphere. Kiln drying is more common these days, especially in climates with unpredictable temperatures. It is used to accelerate the process and is conducted under controlled conditions in a drying chamber or kiln.

7 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry aisbl (EOS)
    • Organisation Européenne des Scieries aisbl; Eurpäische Organisation der Sägewerke aisbl
  2. European Wood Drying Group (EDG)
  3. Holzindustrie Schweiz, Der Schweizer Verband der Säge und Holzindustrie
    • Wood Industry Switzerland, Swiss Association of Sawmilling and Wood Industry; Industrie du bois Suisse, l'Association suisse des scieries et de l'industrie du bois
  4. Suomen Sahat ry
    • Finnish Sawmills
  5. The Sawmill Database
  6. Treindustrien
    • Norwegian Sawmilling Industries Association
  7. Verband der Deutschen Säge- und Holzindustrie e.V. (VDS)
    • German Association of the Sawmilling and Timber Industry