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Wood preservation

Manfred Mielke

Wood preservation is the use of a preservative for the preservation of wood by means of heat or pressure treatment, or both, and includes the manufacture, blending, or reformulation of wood preservatives for that purpose. The need to prolong the useful life of wood, especially in structural applications, has given rise to a large industry involved with developing increasingly more effective preservative treatments.

This section of the portal includes not only research into new preservative treatments, but also national and international organisations that represent their members' interests, especially in the area of getting approval for new chemicals for use as preservatives and the legal aspects of this.

11 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Confederación Española de Empresarios de la Madera (CONFEMADERA)
    • Spanish Wood Preservers' Federation
  2. Deutscher Holzschutzverband für Außenholz e.V. (DHV)
    • German Wood Preserving Association
  3. European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI)
  4. Gütegemeinschaft Holzschutzmittel e.V.
    • Wood Preservation Association
  5. ICOMOS International Wood Committee (IIWC)
  6. International Research Group on Wood Protection
  7. Kestopuuteollisuus ry
    • Finnish Wood Preserving Association
  8. Nordiska Träskyddsrådet (NTR)
    • Nordic Wood Preservation Council
  9. Senkron
  10. Vereniging van Houtimpregneerbedrijven in Nederland (VHN)
    • Dutch Wood Preservation Association
  11. Wood Protection Association