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Pulp and paper


Man has been making paper from pulped wood since 1838, and from plant fibres (such as cotton or flax) since 105 AD. In modern times, the pulping process has become refined and is now a highly industrialised process, resulting in a range of high quality products.

Pulping is the process of converting wood to separated pulp fibres for papermaking. Processes range from purely mechanical, in which the wood is ground into fibres, to chemical and thermochemical, in which the fibres (cells) are separated by chemically degrading and dissolving the lignin that binds them together in the tree. Increasingly, biological pulping is been used in which white rot fungi are used to help break down the lignin.

Current research focuses on improving efficiency, reducing waste, recovering raw materials for re-use, recycling, reducing energy use, and controlling pollution.

The resources in this section include research organisations and national and European associations that represent the industry.

62 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Advancing technology and professional achievement on the paper and related industries (TAPPI)
  2. Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Pasta, Papel y Cartón (ASPAPEL)
    • Association of Spanish Pulp and Paper Manufacturers (ASPAPEL)
  3. Assocarta
    • Italian Pulp and Paper Industry
  4. Associacão da Indústria Papeleira (CELPA)
    • Portuguese Pulp and Paper Association (CELPA)
  5. Associação Portuguesa dos Técnicos das Indústrias de Celulose e Papel (TECNICELPA)
    • Portuguese Association for Technicians of the Paper and Pulp Industry
  6. Association Technique de L'Industrie Papetière (ATIP)
    • Technical Association of the Paper Industry [France]
  7. Associazione Tecnica Italiana per la Cellulosa e la Carta (ATICELCA)
    • Italian Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper
  8. Austropapier
    • Austrian Paper Industry
  9. British Wood Pulp Association (BWPA)
  10. Centre Technique du Papier
    • Pulp and Paper Research & Technical Centre
  11. Cluster del Papel de Euskadi
    • Basque Paper Cluster
  12. Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
  13. Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)
  14. COST Action E32. Characterisation of paper surfaces for improved printing paper grades
  15. COST Action FP1405. Active and intelligent (fibre-based) packaging (ActInPak)
  16. European Fibre and Paper Research Organisation (EFPRO)
  17. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
  18. Eurostat - Forestry
  19. EUWID Papier und Zellstoff
    • EUWID Pulp and Paper
  20. FHP - Forst Holz Papier

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