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Stora Enso

Several associations offer services to their members and aim to foster and enhance communication among members, business and society. Associations may collect statistics relating to their subject area, and promote the interest of their members through lobbying.

This section covers marketing and trade associations operating in Europe.

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  1. Aargauischer Waldwirtschaftsverband - AWV
    • Aargau Forestry Association
  2. Advancing technology and professional achievement on the paper and related industries (TAPPI)
  3. AEIM - Asociación Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera
    • Spanish Timber Trade Federation
  4. Asociacija 'Lietuvos mediena'
    • Lithuanian Forest Association
  5. Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Pasta, Papel y Cartón (ASPAPEL)
    • Association of Spanish Pulp and Paper Manufacturers (ASPAPEL)
  6. Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de la Biomasa (AVEBIOM)
    • Spanish Biomass Association
  7. Assocarta
    • Italian Pulp and Paper Industry
  8. Associacão da Indústria Papeleira (CELPA)
    • Portuguese Pulp and Paper Association (CELPA)
  9. Associação das Indústrias de Madeira e Mobiliário de Portugal (AIMMP)
    • Association of Portuguese Wood and Furniture Industries
  10. Associação Portuguesa de Cortiça (APCOR)
    • Portuguese Cork Association
  11. Associação Portuguesa dos Técnicos das Indústrias de Celulose e Papel (TECNICELPA)
    • Portuguese Association for Technicians of the Paper and Pulp Industry
  12. Association Technique de L'Industrie Papetière (ATIP)
    • Technical Association of the Paper Industry [France]
  13. Associazione Tecnica Italiana per la Cellulosa e la Carta (ATICELCA)
    • Italian Technical Association for Cellulose and Paper
  14. Austropapier
    • Austrian Paper Industry
  15. Belgian WOODFORUM
  16. Belgische Federatie van Houtinvoerhandel
    • Belgian Timber Importers Federation; Fédération Belge du Commerce d’Importation de Bois
  17. Bois Lamellé Collé (BLC)
    • Glulam
  19. British Wood Pulp Association (BWPA)
  20. British Woodworking Federation

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