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Caroline Narayan

e-Commerce (also referred to as eCommerce) is the conducting of commerce with goods and services over the Internet. It includes consumers using the Internet to purchase goods and services online, as well as businesses selling and communicating with other businesses through the Internet.

This section includes only those e-Commerce sites that provide more than just a sales outlet. Many provide technical details or information about the species of timber being traded, or company directories.

17 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. Портал лесопромышленника
    • Portal of timber merchants
  3. e-handel drewnem
    • e-wood trade
  4. Fordaq - The Timber Network
  5. FrenchTimber
  6. Global Wood
  8. IHB FORDAQ Network
  9. Le Commerce du Bois. Distribution des bois et dérivés en France
    • Le Commerce du Bois. French Distributers of Timber and Timber By-products
  10. Metsälehti
  11. PapiNet
  13. Wood-me
  14. WoodBusinessPortal
  15. World Wood Trade
  16. Информационно-торговая система лесопромышленного комплекса LESPROM
    • Lesprom - Global Timber trade network
  17. Український лісовий ринок
    • WoodEx.UA - Ukrainian Wood Market