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National portals


National portals offer gateways to forest information and contacts in various countries. These are developed with the objective to enable a single point of access to information and services being provided by the various entities in that country or region. A national portal can be provided by a governmental organization, company or association.

86 records found in EUROFOREST Portal

  1. A Biológiai Sokféleség Egyezmény és a Biológiai Biztonság honlapja
    • Biodiversity Clearing-House Mechanism and Biosafety Clearing-House [Hungary]
  2. Agencija za zaštitu okoliša
    • Croatian Environment Agency
  3. AGRIS (Agrární WWW Portál)
    • Agrarian WWW Portal
  5. Arbocentre
  6. Belgian Biodiversity Platform
  7. Belgian Clearing House Mechanism (Convention on Biological Diversity)
    • Belgisch uitwisselingsweb (Het Verdrag inzake Biologische Diversiteit); Centre d'échange d'informations de la Belgique (La Convention sur la diversité biologique)
  8. Bereichsbibliothek Forstwissenschaften - SUB Göttingen
    • Forestry Divisional Library
  9. BioDat
  10. Biodiversidad [España]
    • Biodiversity [Spain]
  11. - портал за биоразнообразието
    • - Biodiversity Portal [Bulgaria]
  12. Biologische Vielfalt Clearing House Mechanism
    • Biological Diversity Clearing-House Mechanism [Austria]
  13. Bioloģiskā daudzveidība Latvijā
    • Latvian Biodiversity Clearing-house Mechanism
  14. BlueLink Information Network
    • БлуЛинк
  15. Butlletí Infobiomassa
  16. Centre d'Echange français pour la Convention sur la diversité biologique
    • French Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism
  17. CHM portal Konvencije o biološkoj raznovrsnosti
    • Biodiversity Clearinghouse Mechanism (CHM) portal Serbia
  18. Clearing House Mechanism on Biodiversity of the Czech Republic
  19. Compendium voor de Leefomgeving
    • Environmental Data Compendium
  20. Dansk Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseum
    • Danish Hunting and Forest Museum

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