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Forest owners' associations and networks

Niina Jokinen
Forest owners have several interest groups and associations at the local level, nationally and internationally. Some of these societies represent the legal, financial, and social interests of their members and provide a variety of services for them. Societies may be active in land ownership policy, land use policy, timber trade, and sharing information.

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  1. Aargauischer Waldwirtschaftsverband - AWV
    • Aargau Forestry Association
  2. AGDW - Die Waldeigentümer
    • German Forest Owners Association
  3. AlbaForest
  4. Alliance Forêts Bois
    • Forest and Wood Alliance
  6. Asociación Forestal Aragonesa (AFA)
    • Aragonese Forest Association
  7. Asociación Forestal de Galicia (AFG)
    • Forest Association of Galicia
  8. Asociación Nacional de Empresas Forestales (ASEMFO)
    • National Association of Forest Companies
  9. Asociacioni i Pronarëve të Pyjeve Private të Kosovës
    • Association of Private Forest Owners Kosovo
  10. Asociatia Proprietarilor De Paduri Din Romania (APPR)
    • Romanian Forest Owners' Association
  11. Association of Private Forest Land Owners - Proforest [Romania]
  12. Bayerische Waldbesitzerverband
    • Bavarian Federation of Forest Owners
  13. BOS+
  14. Bosgroepen
    • Forest Association [Flanders]
  15. Centre de la Propietat Forestal (CPF)
    • Forest Ownership Centre
  16. Centres régionaux de la propriété forestière (CRPF)
    • Regional Forest Estates Centres [France]
  17. Česká lesnická společnost
    • Czech Forest Society
  18. Coed Cymru
    • Welsh Woods
  19. Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal (CAP)
    • Portuguese Farmers Confederation
  20. Confederación de Organizaciones de Selvicultores de España (COSE)
    • Confederation of Spanish Forest Organizations

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