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North Karelia portal (Finland)

Caroline Narayan

The North Karelia regional forest portal is the contribution to support the global visibility of North Karelia region in internet. The portal database contains a collection of information to www-sites about forests, professionals, associations, places of interest, and business in the region. As you will see, North Karelia is a place to visit professionally or in your holiday - or at least virtually through this portal! Here are the official web pages of North Karelia region.

Joensuu is a university town and the capital of the North Karelia Region in Finland. For a good reason, Joensuu can be called the 'European Forestry Capital'. For further information, please visit the web pages of Joensuu. Information about forestry activities in Joensuu can be found on the English pages under 'General info' and then under the heading 'European Forestry Capital'.

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