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Rutger Dankers

Taloustutkimus Oy, a Finnish market research company, carried out a survey of 17 Finnish summer tourism destinations in 2003. North Karelian catering and accommodation services received the highest marks in terms of their price/quality ratio and attractiveness. In summer 2003, approximately 289,000 people spent a holiday in North Karelia. This is ~7% of all Finns in the age groups between 15 and 75. According to the survey, tourists came to North Karelia mainly to enjoy its beautiful nature and to meet relatives and friends. Interesting sights and good recreation and leisure opportunities were other important criteria for selecting North Karelia as a holiday destination. More than 75% of visitors surveyed reported that they were willing to visit the region again in the future.

Information in this portal contain links to maps, recreation and places of interest.


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  1. Elämysten Koli
    • Koli Info
  2. GIT Barents Geography Viewer
  3. Joensuun Arboretumit
    • Joensuu Arboreta
  4. Joensuun harvinaiset ja erikoiset puut
    • Rare and special trees in the City of Joensuu
  5. Kansalaisen karttapaikka
    • Citizen's MapSite - National Land Survey of Finland
  6. Kasvitieteellinen puutarha Botania
    • Botanic Garden of the University of Joensuu
  7. Kolin kansallispuisto
    • Koli National Park
  9. Lusto - Suomen metsämuseo
    • Lusto - Finnish Forest Museum; Lusto - Finlands skogsmuseum; Lusto - Finnisches Forstmuseum
  10. Patvinsuon kansallispuisto
    • Patvinsuo National Park
  11. Petkeljärven kansallispuisto
    • Petkeljärvi National Park
  12. Pohjois-Karjalan karttapalvelu
    • North Karelian Map Server
  13. Pohjois-Karjalan Vaellusreittiopas
    • North Karelia - the walker’s paradise
    • Connections to nature in Pielinen region, North Karelia