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Caroline Narayan

The Joensuu region is known nationally as a trailblazer in issues such as harvesting of energy wood, equipment development, and Internet services related to this industry. The region has a highly suitable business environment for this, and the global woodprocessing industry - to name but one branch of industry - has supported the related development work extensively.

All in all, the bioenergy industry in the Joensuu region offers employment for almost 1000 people.This figure includes those working within the stone industry, equipment and machinery manufacture within the metal engineering industry, and in raw material procurement.

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  1. L&T Biowatti Oy
  2. Mottinetti
  3. Nunnauuni Oy
  4. Pentin Paja Oy
  5. Pohjois-Karjalan energiaosuuskunnat
    • North Karelian Co-operative Societies in Energy
  6. Tulikivi Group
  7. VAPO
  8. Wenet – Wood Energy Net
    • Wenet - puuenergia-alan toimijoiden verkosto