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European Forest Institute (EFI)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleEuropean Forest Institute (EFI)
CreatorEuropean Forest Institute
DescriptionEFI is an international organisation established by European States. The aim of EFI is to undertake research on the pan-European level on forest policy, including its environmental aspects, on the ecology, multiple use, resources and health of European forests and on the supply of and demand for timber and other forest products and services in order to promote the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Europe. In order to achieve its purpose, EFI: (a) provides relevant information for policy-making and decision-making in European countries relating to the forest and forest industry sector; (b) conducts research in the above-mentioned fields; (c) develops research methods; (d) organises and participates in scientific meetings; and (e) organises and disseminates knowledge of its work and results. EFI has about 130 member organisations and 7 Project Centres (as of May 2008), and offers the forest research contacts and collaboration at the European level.
Keywordsforest research; multiple use; forest resources; forest policy; forest ecology; forest management; information services; maps
TypeEvents, Meetings, Information services, International organizations, Non-government organizations, Publications, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: February 2 2007 | Last updated: February 4 2009