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Svaz Průmyslu Papíru A Celulózy (SPPaC)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSvaz Průmyslu Papíru A Celulózy (SPPaC)
2nd TitleAssociation of Pulp and Paper Industry [Czech]
CreatorAssociation of Pulp and Paper Industry [Czech]
DescriptionSPPaC (Association of Pulp and Paper Industry) associates producers, converters and merchants in the field of pulp, paper, board and paper based products in Czech Republic. Association represents its members at negotiations with the government, trade unions and international organizations. It organizes common interests and representation for its members through the working groups - statistics and information, ecology, environment and recycling, finance and collective bargaining with trade unions.
LanguageCzech, English
CountryCzech Republic
Keywordspulp; paper; pulp and paper; industry; associations
TypeAssociations, News
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 Published: May 3 2007 | Last updated: October 5 2007