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National Biodiversity Network Gateway [UK]

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNational Biodiversity Network Gateway [UK]
CreatorNational Biodiversity Network Trust (NBN Trust)
DescriptionThese datasets contain the observational data of species and habitats in the UK or Ireland. The boundaries of different types of wildlife sites and administrative areas are also available. The NBN Gateway aims to enable UK organisations to sharing and use information on biodiversity in the UK. Biodiversity data can be uploaded to the Gateway and the data can be interrogated by other users. The Gateway allows users to view distribution maps of species and habitats, and also to download the biodiversity data.
CountryUnited Kingdom
Keywordsspecies distribution; grid maps; interactive maps; wildlife; biodiversity; protected areas; data; biodiversity; conservation; maps; map services
TypeMaps, Species data
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 Published: May 11 2007 | Last updated: March 12 2010