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Le portail des forestiers privés

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleLe portail des forestiers privés
2nd TitlePortal of private forests [France]
CreatorForêt Privée Française
DescriptionThe site is the result of collaboration between three organizations: (1) le Centre national de la propriété forestière (CNPF - the national association of forest owners) and its forest utilities department the l'Institut pour le développement forestier (IDF - Institute for forest development); (2) Forestiers privés de France (FPF - the national federation of private forest owners); (3) Union de la coopération forestière française (UCFF – French Union for Forestry Cooperation) federation of departement and regional forest organizations. These different professional bodies have developed a common identity under the name of 'Forêt Privée Française' in order to offer better-coordinated and more efficient services to private foresters and their forests. The site aims to provide the forest owners and any other persons interested in the private forests in France with access to: information and documents from the three organizations and other sources; and access to the other services provided by the organizations.
Keywordsinformation services; associations; events; meetings; publications; forest resources; private forestry; private forest owners
TypeAssociations, Information services
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 Published: February 2 2007 | Last updated: February 18 2013