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Ozone injury in European forest species

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleOzone injury in European forest species
CreatorFundaciĆ³n CEAM; ICP Forests; Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino
DescriptionThe website is provided to support recognition of damage to plants caused by ozone. The website contains photodocumentation on ozone-induced visible and microscopic injury in forest plants. Symptoms have been either observed in the field or reproduced experimentally by fumigating plants with enhanced ozone levels in Open Top Chambers. In the framework of the ICP-Forests, the Working Group on Air Quality (Expert Panel on Deposition) has prepared a submanual for the assessment of ozone injury on European Forest Ecosystems (Intensive Monitoring Plots, Level II). The main objectives are the identification of ozone sensitive species from European forest ecosystems, the assessment of the injury, and to provide an extensive and harmonised photo-documentation of ozone symptoms for these species, and to give information on the spatial distribution of the symptoms. The submanual and accompanying atlas can be downloaded from the site.
Keywordsozone; abiotic factors; air pollution; forest damage; forest ecosystems; species; ICP-Forests; FutMon
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 Published: June 1 2007 | Last updated: April 4 2012