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Institutionen för Skoglig Mykologi och Växtpatologi - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleInstitutionen för Skoglig Mykologi och Växtpatologi - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)
2nd TitleDepartment of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
CreatorSveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)
DescriptionThe department undertakes fundamental and applied research focused on interactions involving plants, pathogenic, symbiotic and saprotrophic fungi and other microorganisms and their role in forest and agricultural systems. Important research areas include ecosystem and molecular ecology, population biology and the molecular regulation of microorganisms as well as modelling and practical management of plant diseases. The website also describes undergraduate and postgraduate education. The Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology is now part of the BioCenter at SLU in Uppsala.
LanguageEnglish, Swedish
Keywordsforest pathology; mycology; diseases; pathogens; fungal diseases
TypeEducational institutions and departments, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: June 1 2007 | Last updated: October 15 2012