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Silva Mediterranea

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSilva Mediterranea
DescriptionSilva mediterranea is a statutory body of FAO that covers the Mediterranean region. The work of the FAO Forestry statutory bodies is a combination of problem identification and policy and technical advice, to FAO, its members and others as appropriate. Membership in Silva Mediterranea is open to all members of the FAO African, European, and Near East Forestry Commissions, whose territories are situated wholly or in part in the Mediterranean basin proper or whose forest, agricultural, or grazing economies are intimately associated with those of the Mediterranean region. As of 2007 there were several working groups on: Forest fires; Cork oak; Land use and sustainable forest management; Future of Silva Mediterranea; Mediterranean conifers.
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
Keywordsinternational organizations; forest policy; mediterranean forests; forest fires; cork; Quercus suber; land use; sustainable forest management; conifers; species trials; provenance trials
TypeInternational organizations
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 Published: June 1 2007 | Last updated: November 12 2015