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Lesy České Republiky

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleLesy České Republiky
2nd TitleForests of the Czech Republic
CreatorLesy České republiky
DescriptionThe major function of Lesy České republiky (LCR) is the management of state forests, and the administration of designated water courses and streams. LCR was established on 1st January 1992 by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. As of 2006, LCR manages 1 392 000 hectares of state forest land (54% of all forests in the Czech Republic) and nearly 20 000 kilometres of designated water courses and streams. Commercial forests account for 80% of the area under LCR jurisdiction, protective forests account for about 3%, and forests with special purposes account for about 17%. Annual production reaches almost 7 million m³ of wood (which amounts to around 72% of the increment of the forests), turnover amounts to around 5 billion CZK, and the approximate trading results have ranged between 500 and 700 million CZK per annum. An important service for small forest owners is the execution of the function of forest manager according to forest regulations, with which the enterprise looks after 283 000 hectares of forest.
CountryCzech Republic
Keywordsforest administration; state forests
TypeCompanies, Government organizations
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 Published: February 2 2007 | Last updated: August 6 2007