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The European Landscape Map (LANMAP2)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleThe European Landscape Map (LANMAP2)
CreatorAlterra; Wageningen University and Research Centre
DescriptionThe European Landscape Map, LANMAP2, is a pan-European landscape database at a scale of 1:2000000. The European landscape classification covers the whole of Europe, from Iceland in the north-west to Azerbaijan in the south-east and from Gibraltar in the south-west to Nova Zembla in the north-east. LANMAP2 covers an area of approximately 11 million km2, more than three times the area covered by LANMAP1. LANMAP2 is a hierarchical classification with four levels and has 350 landscape types at its lowest level (level 4), which includes intertidal flats, urban conurbations and water bodies. At this level there are more than 14000 mapping units with an average size of 774 km2; the smallest mapping unit is 11 km2 and the largest is 739000 km2. The highest level of the classification is determined by climate and has only eight classes. The second level is determined by climate and topography and has 31 classes. The third level, determined by climate, topography and parent material already has 76 classes.
Keywordslandscapes; maps; data; biogeography; biogeographical regions
TypeDatasets, Statistics, Maps, Projects
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 Published: June 7 2007 | Last updated: January 8 2013