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Österreichische Bundesforste AG (ÖBf)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleÖsterreichische Bundesforste AG (ÖBf)
CreatorÖsterreichische Bundesforste AG (ÖBf)
DescriptionÖsterreichische Bundesforste (ÖBf) is responsible for management of forests, lakes and mountains in Austria. The activities of ÖBf focus on the protection, maintenance and management of these valuable natural resources. ÖBf also organize the use of land and buildings. With roughly 860,000 ha, ÖBf manage roughly one-tenth of the total area of the Republic of Austria as well as approximately 15% of all forest areas and more than 70% of the total area of all lakes over 1 km2. More than half of all ÖBf areas are protected by nature conservation laws. The sole shareholder of ÖBf is the Republic of Austria, and the interests of the owner are represented by the minister responsible for the environment and forestry. ÖBf pays an annual fee for the right to manage the areas under public ownership, which is set by law at 50% of net profit. Additional benefits for the owner are a dividend as well as the highest property tax paid in Austria, which totaled €1.4 million in 2004.
Keywordsforest administration; forest management; protected forest areas; protected areas
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 Published: June 8 2007 | Last updated: November 11 2015