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Государственный комитет лесного хозяйства Украины

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleГосударственный комитет лесного хозяйства Украины
2nd TitleState Forest Resources Agency [Ukraine]
CreatorГосударственный комитет лесного хозяйства Украины
DescriptionThe State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine provides forest policy, formulation and normative and legal regulation in the areas of the utilization, regeneration and conservation of forest resources in Ukraine. All forest land in the Ukraine is state-owned, and the Committee is responsible for the management of most of the forestland through its regional and local network of 300 Leskhozes. A 2006 forest map of the Ukraine is also available - look for "Карта лісів України" under the "Ліси України" heading or search for «Мапа "Лліси України"» using the search function. The Agency is part of the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources (<>).
Keywordsforest policy; forestry; government; forest administration; national forest programmes; maps; legislation; forest resources
TypeGovernment organizations, Maps
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 Published: June 8 2007 | Last updated: November 11 2015