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Zavod za gozdove Slovenije

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleZavod za gozdove Slovenije
2nd TitleSlovenia Forest Service
CreatorZavod za gozdove Slovenije
DescriptionThe mission of Slovenia Forest Service is: Preservation and close-to-nature development of Slovenian forests and of all their functions for their sustainable and good management and use as well as nature conservation in forest space for the good of present and future generations. There are five departments (January 2007): (1) Forest management planning (elaboration of forest management plans, collecting data on the state and development of forests and keeping databases, monitoring biological balance in forests, giving consent for interventions in the forest and forest space, co-operation in open-space planning); (2) Silviculture and forest protection (elaboration of silvicultural plans, forest fire protection, protection work in forests, providing seedlings and seeds of forest trees for forest regeneration); (3) Forestry operations (directing and supervising construction and maintenance of forest roads, elaboration of technological parts of forest management and silvicultural plans, co-operation in introducing new technologies in felling, skidding and transporting wood from forests, control of felling sites in forests, advising on proper use of wood as an energy source); (4) Wildlife and hunting (regional hunting management plans, monitoring populations of large carnivore populations, management of hunting reserves with a special purpose); (5) Public relations and education of forest owners (education and training of forest owners).
LanguageEnglish, Slovenian
Keywordsforest administration; national forest inventories; hunting; wildlife management; management plans; silviculture; forest protection; forest operations; forest roads; harvesting; vocational training; state forests
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: January 31 2007 | Last updated: November 20 2015