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Estrategia Forestal Española

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleEstrategia Forestal Española
2nd TitleSpanish Forest Strategy
CreatorMinisterio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente
DescriptionThe Spanish Forest Strategy is the first component (initially adopted in 1999) of the Spanish national forest programme (the other being the Spanish Forest Plan). The strategy was developed as a national complement to the European Forest Strategy, and as a departure point for the Spanish NFP. The objectives of the strategy were: (1) the planning of the forest policy on a national scale; and (2) participation in the activities of various international forums and organisations. The activities and tasks included: elaboration, diffusion and later development of the Strategy; Design of the reforms in the forest political instruments; Elaboration of rough drafts of the Spanish Forest Plan; and Presentation of the national objectives in international forums.
Keywordsbiodiversity; forest policy; forest strategy; national forest programmes
TypeGovernment organizations, Publications
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 Published: July 23 2007 | Last updated: November 23 2016