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Orman ve Su İşleri Bakanlığı

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleOrman ve Su İşleri Bakanlığı
2nd TitleMinistry of Forestry and Water Affairs [Turkey]
CreatorOrman ve Su İşleri Bakanlığı
DescriptionThe Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is the Ministry responsible for forest issues in Turkey. The tasks of the Ministry include: Protection of forests, development, operation, and maintenance of breeding, desertification and erosion control, reforestation and forest-related policies; Development of policies for the protection of nature, identification of protected areas, national parks, nature parks, natural monuments, nature conservation areas, wetlands and biodiversity, hunting and wildlife conservation; Policies on the sustainable use and protection of water resources. The ministry is divided into several directorates: Forestry; Nature conservation and national parks; Combating desertification and soil erosion; Water; Meteorology.
Keywordsforest administration; national forest programmes; NFPs; NFP; forest policy; reports; statistics
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: August 7 2007 | Last updated: May 13 2016