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Skoglig statistik

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSkoglig statistik
2nd TitleForestry Statistics [Sweden]
DescriptionThe Swedish Forest Agency is one of 25 public authorities required to produce Official Statistics. Forestry stastistics are published annually in both English and Swedish as: Swedish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry; Forest Statistical Bulletins (Skoglig statistikinformation - SSI). Swedish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry statistics are found on this web page, in many cases with longer time series than are published in the printed yearbook. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview Sweden's forestry sector. The statistics are organised under the following headings: Property and ownership structure, Forest land, Forest condition, Forest diversity and protection, Silviculture, Nature and environment, Production, Economy and labour force, Woodfuel production, Prices, Foreign trade, International statistics, Urban forests and recreation.
LanguageEnglish, Swedish
Keywordsforest resources; forest area; statistics; forest owners; forest ownership; silviculture; environment; timber production; labour; forest products industries; timber trade; prices; imports; exports; yearbooks
TypeCountry data, Datasets, Statistics
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 Published: August 9 2007 | Last updated: August 24 2011