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EELIS - Eesti Looduse Infosüsteem

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleEELIS - Eesti Looduse Infosüsteem
2nd TitleEELIS - Estonian Nature Information System
CreatorEstonian Environment Information Centre (EEIC)
DescriptionEELIS is a central national database which includes the following data: Protected areas in Estonia; Protected nature monuments; List of the species registered in Estonia; Registered habitats of protected species; Legislative acts of protected objects; Database of waterbodies. EELIS is maintained by the Estonian Environment Infocentre, Nature Bureau. EELIS is a tool for all Nature Conservation Specialists in Estonian counties and for Administrations of Protected Areas. The database can be updated in places and export files are sent to the Nature Bureau, were the data is checked and imported to the central Infosystem. EELSI is also used by Environment Inspectorates, State Forest Management Centre (Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus - RMK), and research institutes.
LanguageEnglish, Estonian
Keywordsinformation services; environment; protected areas; protected species
TypeCountry data, Information services
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 Published: August 14 2007 | Last updated: July 23 2009