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Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie van de Vlaamse (LNE)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleDepartement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie van de Vlaamse (LNE)
2nd TitleDepartment of Environment, Nature and Energy of Flanders
CreatorDepartement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie van de Vlaamse
DescriptionThe Flemish Government aspires to create a better and healthier environment for present and future generations. LNE (the Environment, Nature and Energy Department) is charged with this task. Taking the key position in the environmental administration, it is responsible for planning and evaluating the environmental policy in compliance with economic and social demands and for the co-ordination of all environmental actors as well as the implementation and enforcement of the environmental legislation in Flanders. The Nature and Forest Agency (<>) reports to LNE. LNE is the successor to the Administratie Milieu-, Natuur-, Land- en Waterbeheer (AMINAL).
Keywordsgovernment organizations; environmental administration
TypeGovernment organizations
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 Published: September 14 2007 | Last updated: September 17 2007