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DG Environment - Forests

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleDG Environment - Forests
CreatorDG Environment
DescriptionAlthough there is no common Community forest policy, forests can contribute substantially to, and be affected by, Community policies on the environment, in particular climate change and biodiversity, as well as on rural development, renewable energy, water policy, research, industry, development cooperation, trade, public procurement and others. For this reason, Directorate General (DG) Environment aims to "mainstream" forests within Environment policies, as well as those of other Directorates General. Furthermore DG Environment is directly responsible for a programme to monitor forest health and to prevent forest fires, through the "Forest Focus" Regulation. At the international level DG Environment is responsible for coordinating the Commission's position with respect to the UN Forum on Forests and works on a range of forest-related issues. These web-pages provide information on EU forest policies (biodiversity, climate change, rural development, forest monitoring), international forest issues (FLEGT, MCPFE), forest certification, and links to other resources.
Keywordsenvironment; environmental policy; DG ENV; European Union; EU; forest policy; biodiversity; climate change; rural development; forest monitoring; illegal logging; FLEGT; MCPFE; forest certification
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 Published: September 20 2007