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Forest Science Database

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleForest Science Database
CreatorCABI Publishing
DescriptionAt the heart of ForestScience is the forestry abstracting and indexing database. A subscription is needed in order to search the database and view the abstracts on ForestScience. The database is updated weekly and contains content from 1939 onwards. Each abstract record includes a detailed and informative summary along with the full bibliographic data. Subject coverage includes: Forest management (Arboriculture, Fire, Forest economics, Logging, Mensuration, Silviculture, Wildlife management); Forests (Environment, Forest ecology, Pests and diseases, Tree biology); Agroforestry and community forestry; Nonwood forest products (Christmas trees, Dye plants, Edible species, Medicinal plants, Resins and gums, Structural products); Wood technology (Forest products industries, Fuelwood, Pulping, Sawmills and sawmilling, Wood preservation, Wood products, Wood properties).
Keywordsforest management; forest ecology; forest pests; diseases; forest fires; agroforestry; non-wood forest products; wood technology; forest products industries; pulping; sawmilling; wood products; wood properties
TypeInformation services, Journals, Bibliographic databases
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 Published: October 9 2007 | Last updated: December 2 2009