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Online Data and Statistics - Forest Products (UNECE/FAO Timber Section)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleOnline Data and Statistics - Forest Products (UNECE/FAO Timber Section)
CreatorUNECE/FAO Timber Section
DescriptionThe statistics include various databases, spreadsheets and publications from the UNECE/FAO Timber Section. The publications include: Links to Forest Resources Assessment; Production and Trade data; Trade Flow data (between individual countries); Prices (as of March 2012 there were time series for Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland in Europe, as well as for Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Gabon, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Malaysia and USA); Trade of Roundwood and Sawnwood by Species; Trade of Secondary Processed Wood and Paper Products; TIMBER Database (1964-2007); results from the Joint Wood Energy Enquiry (2005, 2007, 2009); UNECE Forest Fire statistics publications. The TIMBER database is maintained by UNECE. Data are provided for countries in the UNECE region. The database is a collaborative effort of country correspondents, UNECE, FAO, Eurostat and ITTO. The file contains records covering the period 1964-2008. It is organized by country, product, flow (removals, production, imports and exports) and unit, showing data and note symbol for each year. It also includes secondary products and trade by species.
Keywordsforest products; statistics; data; timber; roundwood; sawnwood; panels; pulp; paper; North America; CIS; USA; Europe; trade flow; forest fires; forest resources
TypeDatabases, Information services, Publications
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 Published: October 15 2007 | Last updated: March 1 2012