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Forest Communicators' Network - UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleForest Communicators' Network - UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists
2nd TitleTeam of Public Relations Specialists in the Forest and Forest Industries Sector
DescriptionThe UNECE/FAO Forest Communicators' Network (FCN) was established by the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) with the overall goal to improve the ability of the forest and forest products sector to communicate effectively, within and outside the sector, and to raise awareness of sector policy makers of the potential of effective communication strategies and tools. The FCN is expected to carry out the following tasks until 2008: Elaborate a guide on best practices in forest sector communication; Conduct an international conference on communication in forest sector policy; Publish a report on consumer attitudes towards forest products; Provide assistance to the UNECE/FAO Secretariat in improving communication about the Integrated programme of the Timber Committee and the European Forestry Commission and on request to its Teams of Specialists. Participation in the FCN is open to all sharing the concern about its common objectives and tasks. Currently the contact database of the network contains more than 120 persons from 30 countries representing both, government and private sector organisations.
Keywordspublications; products; public relations; forest sector; forest products sector; team of specialists; ToS
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 Published: October 19 2007 | Last updated: October 20 2011