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Поволжский государственный технологический университет

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleПоволжский государственный технологический университет
2nd TitleVolga State University of Technology
CreatorПоволжский государственный технологический университет
DescriptionThe Volga State University of Technology (until 2012 the Mari State Technical University) consists of 10 faculties, a laboratory and two international centers. The faculties with significant forest sector components include: Faculty of Timber Engineering; Faculty of Forestry and Ecology Department; Faculty of Mechanics and Machine Building. The Centre of Sustainable Forest Management and Remote Sensing is based at the university.
LanguageEnglish, Russian
CountryRussian Federation
Keywordswood processing; forest technology; forest soils; forest inventory; sustainable forest management; botany; soil science; forest products industries; harvesting; timber; machines; machinery; equipment
TypeEducational institutions and departments, Research institutions and departments
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 Published: October 24 2007 | Last updated: September 5 2012