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Федеральное агентство лесного хозяйства (Рослесхоз)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleФедеральное агентство лесного хозяйства (Рослесхоз)
2nd TitleFederal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz)
DescriptionThe Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosleskhoz) is an organ of executive power implementing functions on providing state services, managing state property and executing legal authorities in the field of forestry. The Agency provides forest policy, formulation and legal regulation in the sphere of the utilization, regeneration and conservation of forests. Information about the agency, forest fires, illegal logging, research, and educational resources is available on the web-site. The site also contains, news, statistics, publications and a glossary of forest terminology in Russian. In 2008 Rosleskhoz became a subordinate authority of the Ministry of Agriculture. Previously it was part of the Ministry of Natural Resources.
LanguageEnglish, Russian
CountryRussian Federation
Keywordsgovernment organizations; forest administration; forest policy; legislation; forest fires; illegal logging; forest resources; forest area
TypeGovernment organizations, Information services
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 Published: October 25 2007 | Last updated: November 27 2015