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Pulp, paper and wood industries

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitlePulp, paper and wood industries
2nd TitleIndustrie de la p√Ęte, du papier et des produits ligneux; Pasta, papel e industrias madereras
DescriptionThese pages provide information about the activities of the FAO Forestry Department, the Forest Products and Economics Division regarding the wood-based forest industry (pulp, paper and wood products). This includes proceedings of the annual sessions of the Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products (ACPWP). The ACPWP is an FAO statutory body composed of senior executives from the private industry sector worldwide. It meets yearly with the main objective of providing guidance on activities and programme of work of the FAO Forestry Department on issues relevant to the paper and forest products industry, in support of member countries efforts to progress towards sustainable development. Other publications include results of periodic surveys of Recovered Paper Data, and Pulp and Paper Capacities.
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
Keywordspulp and paper; recovered paper; recycled paper; wood supply; timber supply; Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products; ACPWP; proceedings; forest products industries; reports; statistics
TypeInformation services, International organizations, Publications
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 Published: January 9 2008 | Last updated: August 19 2011