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COST Action 639. Greenhouse-gas budget of soils under changing climate and land use

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCOST Action 639. Greenhouse-gas budget of soils under changing climate and land use
CreatorBFW; COST Action 639
DescriptionThe main objective of the Action is (i) the improved understanding of the management of greenhouse gas emissions from European soils under different forms of land-use and in particular disturbance regimes, (ii) the identification of hot spots of greenhouse gas emissions from soils, (iii) the identification of soil and site conditions that are vulnerable to GHG emissions, (iv) the development of an advanced reporting concept across different forms of land use and land-use changes, (v) the delivery and communication policy relevant GHG reporting concepts, so as (vi) the improvement of the communication between soil C experts. The Action aims to identify gaps in previous projects such as the response of carbon and nitrogen pools in soils under typical regimes of ecosystem disturbances and land-use change. To achieve our objectives, we will establish a communication platform between experts for different forms of land use, modellers and statisticians, and the contributors to the existing framework of greenhouse gas reporting.
Keywordssoil; carbon; nitrogen; land use; hot spot; research; disturbance; greenhouse gas reporting; climate change
TypeNetworks, EC-EU resources
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 Published: January 11 2008 | Last updated: November 10 2009